Odd Side Merry Elf Ale

     After a long day of making toys elves like to unwind like the rest of us working stiffs. They want kick up the heels of their curly toed shoes and enjoy a brew. It is also nice to think that they aren't just settling for some kind of elfin' macrobrew that looks and tastes like something akin to arctic fox or caribou wizz, right?
     Pouring a clouded chestnut with ruby highlights in color with minimum head from a soft pour the aromas from the candy sugar used in this brew give the malts an overall scent of caramel at first. The smell of fresh baked wheat bread, figs and orange zest (obviously from the orange peel used in the brewing process) make their rounds on the nose too as the beer starts to breath a little more in the glass.
     Both the look and scent seem to have an overall Belgian Dubbel characteristic to them. This also rings true in the flavor. A sweet malt backbone plays host to candied dark fruits that predominate in the first impression of tasting. It is followed by notes of banana bread and chocolate in the middle. The orange peel is fairly hidden til the end where it adds a little twist of sweet and tartness to an earthy and herbal finish.
     Sure, leave milk and cookies out for Santa when he is out making his deliveries this week. Back at the workshop though, the elves are knocking these back.