FRAU "Punk Is My Boyfriend" 7inch EP

     London's Burning again...WITH PUNK ROCK! Perhaps the flames never completely died out and we just didn't know but the last year or so the sound has been burning hot there again.
     Bands like Good Throb, Shopping and the Lowest Form are just 3 examples of bands from the Smoke who are approaching the ruckus at different angles and coming out with something that stakes its own claim.
     Frau is another band that can be added to the list.
     Sharing a member of the aforementioned Good Throb, Frau's sound is a long the same lines as far as it's stance and gender politics are concerned  but as where the former is a bit more straightforward with the noise it makes, Frau's 3 songs in under 4 minutes here take a more jagged path.
     The nervous bassline of the record's title track is reminiscent of many a '78 or so era DIY punk rock song would but the barrage of yelps and guitar blasts bring an outburst of causticness of the almost four decades of bullshit the world has dealt with since. "Snakeskin" sounds like Essential Logic's Aerosol Burns single stripped of the avant jazzbo leanings and then recorded in a bombed out airplane hanger.
     Clocking in at barely two minutes "Orca" is a whirling maelstrom out bent guitar figures and drums that resemble a never heard of the Tea Party Mo Tucker practicing war whoop beats. About a minute in the panic attack seems like it's about to subside but that's just the eye of the storm as the shrieks then become more hoarse and chilling.