Tom Green's Milkstout

When my friend Peter brought this over from Canada I looked at the label and did a few guffaws about it. I mean, c'mon, it's Tom Green approved, y'know. Not really the first person you would think of when it comes to having his name pinned to a craft beer.
     "Tom Green? The guy who was married to Drew Barrymore for a couple months?" I asked.
     "Yes, the same."
     "The same Tom Green who had that asshole from Jackyl come on his TV show and take a chainsaw to his desk"
     "Of course."
     The questions went on like this for a few minutes. 
      Thinking of the only other "celebrity approved beer" I've had, Kid Rock's BAD ASS, as well as Tom's brand of humor, all I could muster in my mind before opening it "Man, I dunno. Milk Stout or not this could be one really goofy ass stuff."
      Made by Beau's All Natural Brewing Company out of Vankleek Hill, Ontario the brew pours mahogany color with ruby illumination when held to light. It's bubbly one finger head comes on strong at first then fades quickly into a slight cap that leaves a blowing snow drift lacing behind.
     On the nose there are the scents of cocoa, hazelnut and malted milk balls. Though the aromas don't come off overtly strong and/or complex it does smell roasty and rich.
     Thoughts of a chocolate milkshake is what comes to mind first initial sip. It's quite milk chocolatey up front, followed by good bit of lactose sugars sweetness and then flits of dark roasted coffee and toast hanging around the edges. The brew has creamy texture in the mouth but the mild carbonation breaks up a bit which gives it a effervescent vibe. Hops poke their way though in the backbone adding a touch of bitters that gives it some bite and dryness in the finish. 
     Though I can only sit through about 10 minutes tops of Tom Green in most situation I could totally sit through and sip on another glass or two of this beer. One of the best milk stout's I've ever had? Nah. It is pretty decent though none the less.