Whenever I hear about someone around this town looking to put to a punk rock band together my ears pick up. "Maybe there will be a band in town worth getting in to again." I wish.
     So far that wish never happens. It's always cats looking to find others that dig Teenage Bottlerocket, NOFX or bald fat guy with a goatee palm mute rock. And, really, people (even "the kids") still listen to NOFX and want to form bands that sound like them?
     For real? They have the whole world at their fingertips-not just what the mall has in stock-AND they don't even have to take the risk of purchasing something that might stink because they can hear it all first yet they're still listening to things that are 10th generation Ramones as told by a history book that it's assumed Green Day wrote or novelty bands with members as old as their dad? UGH! How can such "kids" even consider themselves punk rock.
     Ok, that concludes my "These damn kids today" rant for this post.
     Yeah, I am out of touch and probably don't know what punk rock even is anyway but guys (be them "kids" or "oldsters"), Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, are to these ears the way punk rock SHOULD sound on most days.
     The pent up pizza faced paroxysm of prime 60's trash (including the nastiest blown out organ sounds in almost ever), the hit you in the face with a brick ugliness of the Stooges, the "Damn, this is catchy" thing that was buried under the guitar blasts of the best of the 70's punk gunk, the contempt for most everything of early hardcore (Y'know before all the metal dudes took it down some total asshole streets that jocks live on) and the top end of the 90's garage rock mash up of blues, noise, distortion and hip shakin'/beer swillin' snot and swagger all find themselves in this thick stew.
     The singer yelps like he is jumping around with his underpants on fire while ranting about being broke and the assholes he has to deal with every day while trying to get by in the big city. The band sound like their hands are made of sledge hammers and the bludgeon and pummel the sound into a thick, pounding mass of guts and mud.
      This IS one of the record of this year that if wasn't on my turntable it was always close by so it could be again and again.