Just Whistle While You (Look) For Work

     So I went into a place today that was accepting resumes. I asked if the manager was there and the person working said "No, he is gone for the day."
     I handed the guy my resume and said "Can you give this to them?"
     "What is it" he says while looking at it.
     "It's my resume."
     "What for?"
     "Your sign out front says 'Hiring. Now Accepting Resumes.'"
     Giving me a puzzled look he says "Weird."
     "When is a good time to find the manager here?" I ask.
     "I don't know. He's here sometimes but we are open a lot. Are you looking for a job? Do you want me to put this on his desk?"
     "Yes" I tell him. "That would be great."

     And I can't find job in this town because of why again?


Port Piss said…
Because Port Huron is only likes phonies and losers. Why do you even stay there?
Anonymous said…
That person was afraid you were going to take their job. Go back and try to talk to the owner.
Sarah said…
It is frustrating looking for a job everywhere but don't give up. It took me close to two years to get one after being laid off but now have found something decent. Keep trying and success will eventually come.
Dale Merrill said…
As sorry and as sad it seems I do believe this town has potential despite the bozos that think they know everything, call the shots and pat themselves on the back for things they had nothing to do with. Also, I have a lot of personal commitments in this town still for few more years. I make a really good lemonade...to bad most people here think Country Time or Minute Maid is the flavor of what lemons should taste like.
Anonymous said…
You should look for a grave digger job. Seems Poho is intent on killing itself anyway.
Port Piss said…
Wait til you get hired somewhere and see the morons you have as your superiors.
Carlo(ad)s said…
port huron is a town full of people who are half ass or are successful at being half ass. if you have any real talent and stay there it you will die or become half ass.