Jan 12, 2011

GENTLEMAN JESSE and his MEN "You've Got The Wrong Man" 7inch

Sporting a broken nose splint across his face and Jim Croce rivaling 'stache above his lip on the cover of this single it almost as "Gentleman" Jesse Smith is sending a message to the current batch of power pop resurrectionalists that it takes more than a cheeky Paul McCartney smile and a skinny tie to play the game and be taken seriously about it (or at least make the girls dance NOT just because their boyfriend is the band). For one, having at least a cupboard full of hooks that can be added to stew. Not only does it seem like Jess and dudes got all the right fixins' but have a few special recipes to go along with them.
While listening to either song on this record-the antsy surf riff tempo'd and many layered vocal harmonies of "You Got The Wrong Man" and "Stubborn Ghost", which resembles the Boys getting their best Raspberries on-it's as if the River Mersey (you know, the one with the beat) ran through the sweltery, sticky summer weather of 2010 Georgia instead of the damp springs and autumns of 1960's Liverpool. Playing respect to the Rickenbacker jangling spectres and power-pop chewiness Gentleman Jesse and the Men know they aren't reinventing the wheel but have done their own customizing to the ride it sits upon. Hop in.

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