Dec 6, 2010

the TOUCH ME NOTS "Keep Talking Like That" 7inch

Some people say "Don't mess with success". Ya know if something works say with the formula and don't tweak it. Damn, that can get boring though. Doing the same thing over and over no matter how good you are at it and all that. Sometimes you gotta shake it up and change things around here and there. After all, variety is the spice of life, right?
For the last half decade or so Andrew and Kelly put out a solid collection of singles, 10 inches and LPs of 1950's tinged, hayseed steeped and garage tainted rock-n-roll. Stripped down to the essentials of voice, guitar and drums worked well for them but they still couldn't resist throwing the occasional curveball at the listener like, say, taking a stab at a Broadway show tune for instance. This go round they supplement the bottom end with the addition of Clark from Killer's Kiss on bass and Greg Ashley putting down some bits organ as well as doing the knob twiddling and it really adds something to their spartan but splendid sound. Both "Keep Talking Like That" and "Hard To Forget" have a certain small town rootsy feeling to them that the band had flirted with in the past and completely score this time around. Country-rock (but not in an Eagles or fake affected nasal twang college crowd/trust fund thing that seems to be on eight out of every ten "alt/country" released someone tries to push as the "real deal" way) songs about love's fire coming close to going out but there's still some glowing red embers. Reminds me of being a kid and listening to the radio in my dad's car. Back then they'd play Waylon Jennings and the Bay City Rollers right after each other. Not that I am hearing that when I listen to this but there is a certain dust filled room meets a shiny soda pop machine vibe...And that's always good to me. COUNTRY-ROCK SINGLE OF THE YEAR!
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jasarnia said...

I heard one of their songs on WSGR tonite and I loved it. Play them some more please

Dale Merrill said...

Cool. Thanks for reading this blog and listening to the station.

Jez said...

I've actually been privy to the entire Greg Ashley sessions (like 10 or so songs) and I'm happy to report that it's the best album of 2010. Too bad you suckers only get it meted out to you a little at a time throughout 2011.