TIMMY'S ORGANISM "I'm A Nice Guy Now" 7inch

Every time my 10 (going on 11) year old son Nolan hears Timmy's Organism's "I'm A Nice Guy Now" come on the stereo or the radio (cuz yes-this town lacks A LOT of things but we've got a decent college radio station at least AND I'm not just saying that because of my involvement with it) he asks for it to be turned up so he can sing along. He says it, along with a couple songs off the Personal and the Pizzas "Raw Pie" album, are "Some of the best songs I've ever heard in my entire life."
Now, the song itself concerns me with it's lyrics of "I used to steal from the thrift store/Now I donate", "I used to punch old ladies/now I help them cross the street" and "I used to dig Rock and Roll/Now I like classical." No, not because I am concerned of how it may warp out my son's mind. Hell, have you seen some of the cartoon's that the cable stations gear towards kids the last decade of so? Nah, my concern is that since Mr. Timmy himself won the fancy-pants Kresge Foundation Fellowship Award he's gotten all soft. You know, doing things like drinking tea out of those little cups and raising his pinky while doing so, waking up before noon and wearing shirts with collars. Yikes, say it ain't so!
Judging from the thick guitar fuzz and the gutteral Howlin' Wolf/Beefheart/Pro Wrestler grunt and groan that Tim splatters over the top of the Organism's bare bones accompaniment on the song though-it doesn't sound as if success and rubbing shoulders with the check writing echelon is gonna make him change his mission of weirdness one bit. No, it's more like he's inviting all the bourgeoisie frou-frou's to step into his world of strange with a firm handshake and a chipped tooth smile.
For the single's other song, "Cold Pizza", we get what sounds like Timmy sitting out in his backyard with a guitar plugged into a practice amp in hand and a single mic hung over a tree limb capturing the sound of him bearing his tattered soul in a love/hate letter about some gal who jacked him around for the last time. The only thing missing from the ambiance of the song is the outside sounds of cicadas and crickets. Maybe they were all quiet and listening intently even though it is one of those songs where Tim doesn't actually mention a bug of some sort or another in the lyrics.