STICKS-n-STONES "Red Light" 7inch

Pauly and Jon.E (of Teenage Rejects, Catholic Boys and Tuff Bananas fame) and Natalie (The Tears, Tuff Bananas, The Flips) newest thing here. Now, usually when mentioning a band's previous projects like above, it's to give you the reader just a bit to grab your interest and keep reading on. That's part of the intention here too but on these two songs it's like they combined the sounds those band made and created yet another entirely new animal.
A dint of garage punk bash-n-burn gets wound a bit tight and could totally start throwing a spazz fit at any moment if it wasn't for the piece of pink lemonade bubblegum they are chewing on didn't keep them all in check. A-side's "Red Light" has the basic ingredients of bare lightbulb guitar glare and knock about backbeat topped with Saturday morning cartoon melody. Flip it over for "Time Change" and you might think it's a demo from the first Boys album with it's rough & shiny edges, doubled up vocals and an undeniable catchiness. As a matter of fact us here at Smashin' Transistors are throwing down a challenge. Daring ya to deny BOTH of these song are damn catchy.
Scrungy malcontents with greasy hair and mustard stained t-shirts are shoulder to shoulder next to the kids who have a keen and classic fashion sense that keeps them from being dubbed trendy save for the completely clueless. Does a fight break out? Nope! But dancing does.