JJ and the REAL JERKS "The Future Is Now...(and it stinks)" 7inch

I guess if a discussion of what kind of jerks some people can be these guys have already put their bid in for what kind of jerks they are. Nope, not total jerks. Not big jerks. Not complete jerks nor absolute jerks either. Only REAL jerks will do.
Also, If you were to get into a discussion about what decade it is with J.J. and the Real Jerks about what decade it is they'd probably tell you that they wish it was the late end of the 70's. And where would they want to be living if it was that era? Well, though these (real) jerks reside in sunny California the two tracks here bear more of a Motor City High Energy & Hard Rawkin' vibe that Scandinavian's were all over 10 years back and NYC's more than completely seed trashcan chic of the Heartbreakers (Johnny's not Tom's) that may go out of favor but never out of style. Hell, there's even a saxophone blurting in-n-out of the concrete boogie din. If that ain't a staple instrument for the eastern side of the USA trad. punk-rock-n-roll style I don't know what is.