TIMMY'S ORGANISM "I'm On A Hunt" 7inch

If you've just heard the whispers on the street and are wondering if they're true-YES! This is Timmy V.Lamp Vulgar doing something along the lines of something somewhat normal Rock-n-Roll. What you need to realize though is that "normal Rock-n-Roll" in the always churning and always oddly colored mind that is Mr. Timmy isn't necessarily what someone like Dick Clark or some dick on the FM rock station think when they hear such a description.
With the basic butt shaking boogie groove that has launched a billion songs about since Chuck Berry scored his first hit about girls at least a decade younger than himself over half almost three quarters a century ago being pummeled and battered to match the surrounds Tim walks through on a daily basis-"I'm On A Hunt" is on a scent that'll eventually soothe the savage beast. The beat takes on the job of a lumbering machine that creaks from years of rust but stand out of it's way while moving because it will take off any limb that it catches while Guitars lines randomly spill & splatter blood and battery acid in every direction and Timmy howls about a search fueled by desperation and lust.
Side two's "Don't Forget Your Pretty Stare" is a heartfelt ballad that Bowie wishes he would wrote after he was done tapping Iggy's well for ideas on The Idiot if only either of them had the hindsight as well as the weird look into the backwards future that Timmy possesses.