the TUNNELS "No Love" 7inch

To use the much hackneyed cliche "Everything's bigger in Texas". Even when it comes Methaqualone comforted fuzzy pop like the Austin's Tunnels do. It's just the way things are done in the Lone Star State.
Even when it comes copping feels from the Velvet Underground. Most bands of the last 20 years or so doing that thing are three or four piece bands. The Tunnels have five in their line up.
"No Love" sports the same sleepy and bloodshot eye'd dreamstate jangle that Galaxie 500 mined from Grandpa Lou and his cronies. Unlike Galaxie 500, who always sounded like they to shy to crack a smile and, if forced, would greet you with a cold, clammy and not too firm handshake, this songs embraces you with a big hug of mellow hazy smoke and organ bits that fill the emptiness the former had like a warm fuzzy sweater.
Pulling you in deeper to the vibe is "Pretty Thing", which twists Spacemen 3's Velvets twisting into something taught at the church of Roky. It's not in a hurry to reach it's destination but the route it takes is quite scenic with it's washes of color.