the READIES "Mink Dagger" 7inch

Though Dan Kroha was one third of one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands ever, The Gories, his contribution to the racket they made sometimes gets overlooked. Mick may have been the soul of the band but Danny the heart with the guitar blaaang and his "My voice still hasn't quite changed yet" scream & shout. With this, his latest combo, takes the proverbial bull by the horns with a straight up & stripped down rock-n-roll sound.
The band get's their best "Electric Warrior" Bolan if he wandered the cracked pavement streets of Detroit and had a serious "Coney Island Baby" eral Lou Reed jones boogie on with "Mink Dagger" (she got that sexy swagger that keeps all the boys in line). Full of glitter rock 'tude and serpentine string bending this gets you up and swaying like the way the Hollywood Brats "Tumble With Me" does. The only thing missing is "Woo-Oohs" in a chorus but Danny throws enough WOO! & YEAH! in it that you won't even notice any types of missing garnishments. It's a total groover that get's y'all geared up and loose limbed.
Now that any tense muscles have been shook a little loose with side one flip the record over and be prepared to kick a little ass or get your ass kicked in the process. "Medicine Cabinet" is the kinda of song the the Stooges faithful still wish Mr. Osterberg to do since "Raw Power". A loud, fast and blasting ROCK AND ROLLER sound that will never go out of style no matter how many rawk bands make it so boring. Dan Kroha knows without the attack the pose means nothing. I keep flipping this over and turning up it louder. YEAH!