New Glarus Spotted Cow

Ahhh, summertime in the Great Lakes region. Fingers crossed it's going to actually arrive at a decent time this year and actually stick around for a bit (last summer was the biggest let down of a summer that I can even recall). Important things to enjoy the weather in this region during the then are beaches, bar-b-ques and of course beers. Finding a brew that is light and refreshing but still packed with flavor can be a tricky proposition at times. Spotted Cow is one of those kinda brews that fits the bill BUT is even trickier to find because they don't sell it outside of Wisconsin state lines. Luckily though, us here in Michigan based Smashin' Transistors have plenty of friends that live in the land of where the actual happy cows live (Pfft to those Cali poser cows) and Curly Lambeau so we're able to get a fix of them from time to time.
Bottle conditioned cloudy gold in color with a half inch head that melts fairly quickly but leaves a rim and a slight cap all the way through as well as a spotty lace. The scent is clean, all about a mild summerlike zest and slightly bready. The upfront flavors are similar to that of a Bell's Oberon with it's lemon peel and orange juice nuances but Spotted Cow definitely has it's own thing going on because of it's farmhouse ale leanings instead of a straight on summer wheat stylings. As it warms in the glass sweet cream characteristics come out more. The bubbly yet smoothness of it finishes with something tingly on the palate but not sticky.
This is the last bottle of have I have of this for the time being. I had to split it with my wife because I told her a month or so ago that there were none left and when she saw me pouring it she snagged the glass from me. Good thing we have a friend from Wisconsin visiting in a week or so from now. It's been made mandatory that he brings some of this (as well as some other of the brews New Glarus makes) with him.