Mar 9, 2010


Let's see now...A hayseed who looks like he should be working at the grain elevator/feed store banging on a Telecaster with such might his spirit makes up for any going out of tune the guitar may and probably will do. To his side a guy who looks like Ernie from Sesame Street's pervy older brother thumping on a bass that is almost as long as he is tall. Behind them both a hippie looking drummer who doesn't like to keep his shirt on for too long (but, yeah, that is a common trait for both hippies and drummers) bashes away doing his best to keep some order of timing.
To call this dork/nerd/reject rock is selling it short. Sure, it IS all those above but it's not like you're listening to the next Dead Milkmen or They Might Be Giants (though I have little doubt that's what they strive to be on more than just a rare occasion). You're not gonna find many kid friendly or 80's mall nostalgia sounds going on here. Instead it's short but not so sweet Crucifucks inspired/Garage-Punk induced geek freak outs about loser jobs, Dead Kennedys as interpreted by closed head injury patients spazz moments about jerks & bad people and other disturbed moments that some might imagine what Flipper would sound like if they did Cramps covers.
On stage their comic book store dwelling humor and put down between song banter can (and usually does) go on longer than the tunes themselves. It's like they thrive on bringing the hecklers out and, in the end, get the best of them. Obviously, listening to Crappy Dracula isn't going to make you smart or cool (but if you're punk rock why would you care about such things anyway?)

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