v/a "I'd Buy That For A Dollar" Vol. 1 & 2 7inch EP

Kalamazoo renaissance man and 3 meat pizza fan UFO Dictator found himself in a bit of a dilemma. He was hearing so many new rock-n-roll bands out there but had so little time (and money cuz after all it is Michigan and that's the story of most people's lives here anymore) to get their sounds committed to vinyl.
"Oh, what to do...what to do?" he asked himself? Then one late night it came to him and this series was born.
Kicking off volume one is garage gothsters Black Orphan. Their "Parasitic Mind" sounds like what a record would if Gary Numan moved to Michigan and collaborated with Timmy Vulgar. The Menthols are up next with a springy & spongy beat, Agent Orange like vocal parts and rockin' guitar solo that is "R Is For Russian".
Flipping the record over the hits just keep on a' comin' with The Legendary Wings "20,000,000 Miles to Earth". They usually do the young & full of desperation power pop very well but here it's a 3 chord banger of tension working some fine line between Hawkwind space travel and the trash can kicking sound of prime records from the Rip Off stable. Though this volume is all about some west coast Michigan bands it finishes with some international flavor with Spain's Los Steaks who's "Pills" is not the Bo Diddley song but a huge drunk at the amusement park organ blast backing up a Cheap Trick meets '78 punk sing-a-long.
Volume Two gets the hell out of Michigan all together (though there is a big foam finger included in back sleeve art sporting a Tigers "D" on it). Albany, New York's Cave Weddings whip up a batch artery clogging of snowbelt pop with"Just Like A Fool". It's Ramones/Devil Dogs greasy cheeseburger rockin' that smears the windshield with fingerprints of cute loud harmonies and a Back From The Grave looseness that thousands of JohnnyJoeyDeeDee try-a-likes would never understand (because their too busy practicing downstrokes and only listening to the Ramones and not any of the bands that influenced them). Next up to bat are the Useless Eaters out of Memphis, Tennessee. They don't sound anything like Elvis or Tora Tora though. "Surrounded" is a herky jerky jump arounder like a mechanical man being rewired by chimps whose actual forte is teaching the Electric Eels how to surf.
On side two Madison, Wisconsin's Gut Reactions sound like the illegitimate kids of the Cramps and some meth slinging bikers on "What Are We Doing" and Chicago's Wanton Looks "Worst Side Of Me" sounds like a white frosting covered bowl of glass. It's seems all fluffy, sweet and unassuming on the surface with it's Go-Gos with a whole more distortion going but underneath it at it'll beat you up.


sanilac brew head said…
is that a Sgt. Pepperoni slice?