the PHEROMOANS "Open For Business" 7inch EP

Because of this records title one must wonder "Well, what kind of business is the band in"? Like thrift store/junk shop merchants salvaging through things that others feel they no longer have a need for the Pheremoans thrive on discarded items and making them work for their own uses.
Two of the tracks here, "I'm Through With Wedgie Cubist" and "A Sister In The Sad", are parts of the mind Mark E. Smith misplaced years ago being sat in front of a Country & Western band space aliens jettisoned from their flying saucer there while "Big Chief Letting Agent" takes the same kind of thing but then coats it in Gene Vincent's coffin dust. "Radical Courier" shakes it up a bit by melding 60's party song into Wire's 154 putting it the same driving lane Tyvek are always cited for swerving around all over in.
Wobbly knee'd, shaky handed and negative disposition DIY post-whatever from the UK-the country, who if didn't invent such unsymmetrical almost pop like this years ago, holds the patent on this type of sound.