EL JESUS de MAGICO "Klip Aught" 7inch EP

Last year El Jesus de Magico released the album "Scalping the Guru"-a twisted and hissy smash up of Krautrock slumming in punk's garage, prog rock gone feral and atmospheric ambiance shattered by tension. As where most band's attempting type of thing these days may come off pretentious and alienating the album had a living, breathing warmth to it. Because of this found it's way not only to my turntable plenty of times but also on the night's where I'd Sunday night dj at a coffee house where a majority of the crowd wanted to make people think they were studying but we actually riding out the tail end of their buzz for the weekdays started again. Drag was though by the time them folks shook themselves from whatever stimulant or depressant haze they were in to amble up to the turntables and ask "What is this you're playing?" the album was out of print (or as they say in the vinyl goof biz "OOP").
This single is fairly a fairly limited pressing too but if someone needed a fix similar to the one's found on the album they should act fast before it's gone too.
"Klip Aught" is based around a searing vibrating buzz as the song builds on it's own tension turning inward on itself until it spills it guts with a crying blare of guitar epicness at the end akin to something like the Hunches and Galaxie 500 at the same time explaining Hawkwind to someone.
The b-side's "Papa Sapa" and "Rapey Guys 2" have the same vibe mentioned above going on with the former taking on a nightmarish and echo'd out drone & bash and the later speeding things up fast jettisoning it into the stratosphere.