Jun 18, 2014

Edd Henry "You're Replacement Is Here"

     "No more heartaches/No more sorrows"
     Here’s a very hard to find Detroit groover from 1966 on the Big Mack label by Edd Henry. It’s a song of being done wrong and having enough of it. Recorded at the legendary United Sound with a hot band this records swings. It received no local airplay of note. Would’ve been a hit in a better world.
     The a-side of this, a soul burner in it’s own right called “Crooked Woman" (it seems Edd had his share of women treating him wrong), showed up in an episode of Mad Man some seasons back.
     The Big Mack label released records sporadically through the mid 60’s to the early 70’s. It’s offices operated at several different addresses though the years but operated out this location during the time this record was released. You can find both sides of the single and other Big Mack Records tracks on the Numero Group’s Eccentric Soul compilation devoted to the label.
     Edd Henry recorded several funk sides for the Heavy Hank label, including this sticky bop, in the late 60’s/early 70’s and released a gospel album in the mid 80’s.

Jun 13, 2014

Smashin' Radio Transistors for June 12, 2014

     Well, It was a Triple Whammy Full Moon Night! Luckily I had just a scant of stumbling over my tongue and hardly any glitches for a change.
     Unintentionally Philly and Aussie-centric tonight as well as the usual Michigan love. Had to shout out to Kira Roessler because it was her birthday today.
     Listen to the entire mess here.

Jun 6, 2014

Smashin' Radio Transistors for June 5th, 2014

     Not a cloud in the sky all day and a beautiful breeze rolled in off Lake Huron all day. Then I entered a cinderblock room with a loud fan and even a louder heat/AC register in the background at most times. Tunes jammed though as usual cuz there is a certain vibe about the fact that we're a college radio station that is still half stoneage and has that heart that college stations are suppose to have so the powers that be let us exist and fly under radar. Dig it glitches and all here