Jul 3, 2014

Why have there been no radio shows posted the last few weeks.

     If you have been checking out the downloads that I have posted of the radio show I do for the past little while and have noticed that there haven't been any the past few weeks if is because we are doing upgrades from the bottom up around the station. Our budget is limited so we are trying to see what old technology we can make with the new to stretch our funding. Also, the station is at the mercy of administration, so, at many times, processes and purchases we want/need/could use move slow.
     The station is broadcasting over the air fine and dandy and our 20 or so miles of broadcast range has been doing our local listeners fine but those on the world wide web that can't check it out at the moment. In a meeting with suits earlier this week though they assured us that getting the place streaming is on a priority list but it may take a little more time for all the pieces to fall into place.
     In the meantime I am going see what else I can use or rig up to record the shows and post them here again 'til streaming happens. Also, hoping to have enough free time soon to actually sit down and write about some of the records and beer I've been checking out and digging (or not digging in some cases.)

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