May 2, 2014

Smashin' Radio Transistors (Show from April 24th 2014)

     Since the radio station I work at isn't steaming (yet) I have been on intending recording my weekly radio show and making it available for people outside out broadcast range for awhile now. Thing is though I usually forget. Hopefully though I can get on track with. Above is the playlist from the show LAST week and here is where you can listen to it.
     To keep my shows sounding like the would if you were listening to them on an actual radio they are recorded on an actual radio. A tiny bit of static here and there and so on.
     I am hoping to get last night's show uploaded over the weekend but don't hold me to it. I will say that, for now though, check Smashin' Transistors on Friday afternoons if you need a two hour tunage fix courtesy of me.

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