Jan 31, 2012

Schoolwork, Homework, Housework and Looking For Work

     I have had a ton of school assignments to work on. I am looking at a ton of paper, a stack of books, a pile of digital files and a bunch of photos to remind me of that right now. Double majoring. WOO!
     I also have a deadline on a couple of one sheets and a press bio coming up. So have have to get those finished too. That is also not to forget the piece I gotta work for the area's bi-weekly who's deadline is this Friday.
     I have finally also started on some home improvements that I been putting off for ages. A 100 year old house, twenty layers of wall paper and horsehair plaster walls do not make it the breeze that it looks in Lowe's and Home Depot commercials.
     I also have a stack of job applications on the desk that needed to be filled out a resumes attached. Michigan is not hiring all that much but still keeping on with that to have one steady job instead of a bunch of ones with erratic part time hours. Yeah, I AM working but just looking for something a little more even keeled I guess.
     Then there's the family duties, Kids need help, direction and inspiration. Being the father of two sons-it is part my job to do so.
    There's a slew of records sitting here too. I need to write about them (some I even need to still listen too). A lot of them have been getting airplay on my radio show but not the written attention I should be giving them on this blog.
     Mentioning the radio station, WSGR 91.3fm in Port Huron, reminds me that I have to write up a proposal (again) about some station improvements (again), pitch it too administration (again) and get the station online (finally) so the people that are not in our twenty mile listening range can hear what we're up too. Such is the glamorous life being the program director of a freeform, low on the list of budget priorities when it comes to what the college wants to drop cash on, non-commercial radio station.
     There's also six different beers sitting in my special stash spot that I still have to taste, photograph and report on.
     It'll all fall into place soon. Thanks to everyone that keeps turning me on to new tunes. Your efforts have not been in vain. I'm working on it.
     So, how's everything going with y'all?

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