Nov 25, 2011

My first attempt at stop action animation

     One of my regular gigs is being a jack of all trades at the local college station 91.3fm WSGR in Port Huron. My title is program director but this is a small town so such a position means much more than making a schedule and being responsible for the overall sound of the station but heading the music department, searching for underwriters, making sure everybody at the station is keeping everything legal, doing publicity stunts and so on.
     On Monday of this week I was given a "what if" scenario. It was "what if there was a local TV station that we could advertise on" and given a 72 hour deadline to come up with some basic ideas and do a rough visual draft of what the ad may look like and post it on Youtube. I've wanted to do some sort of stop action animation for awhile so figured this assignment would be as good as a project as any to give it a first time try. This is what I came up with.

     To say it's was done and the most minimal of budgets is not just bragging and claiming "Lo-Fi". The pictures were shot on a 4 year old Nikon Coolpix L15 point-n-shoot as I did not have one of my better cameras with me at that particular moment (I keep that camera in my car for just in case situations such as this). I thought there was some kind of movie maker program in my computer at home but when I went to look realized I had none. I ended up downloading some minimal basic free one from the internet. The audio was recorded on a Sansa Fuze MP3 player, edited and sweetened a touch in Audacity then synced as best as I could with in such a short time with the video.
     All-n-all. It was fun to do and I want to make some more. Now that I've had a first go at it future ones can only get better, right?


Sanilac Brew Head said...

I can't get the station up here at my house but when I travel down to Port Huron which is at least once a week WSGR is what I listen to.

Jetson said...

You should have put the no symbol or an X over the top 40 artists faces to drive the point more but other than that a decent first try on some non professional equipment.

Dale said...

SBH (and everyone else that listens to the station),
Thanks for tuning in. We appreciate it.

I thought about that No Symbol after I already edited everything and was looking at it on Youtube. I may end up making a better and more planned out one soon. This was a maiden voyage.