Apr 16, 2010

Do I see light.....

....at the end of this tunnel?
Sorry everybody for shirking my rock-n-roll listening and beer tasting duties here at Smashin' Transistors. Things like school, work, family and other life duties have been taking a lot of my free time away and just haven't had the time to spend giving my thoughts on things as much as I'd like. For everyone who has sent records-I've been giving them airplay on my radio shows on WSGR and, if this is any consolation, some of them have even made it into our regular rotation so your generosity has not gone to waste.
Classes are winding down and I should in the next few weeks, hopefully, have more time to dedicate typing down my rambling thoughts on the tunes that have passed through my ears AND a couple of other friends have expressed interest in helping getting things here back up to full steam.
Thanks for your help and understanding.


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