Jan 27, 2010

Rock & Roller Remote Controller

It's no secret of Smashin' Transistors pro bias towards things Wisconsin. It's been a long time ago now since it started to happen and the story is kinda long and convoluted for us to get into at the time being (or at least to type at the moment. If you ever happen to run into or talk to me on the phone sometime you can get the whole story though just by asking) but let's just say that there always seems bands to come out of there that are always worth checking out and turning others on too.
Tab Man (currently of the band HOLY SHIT! and a CV that goes back quite a bit now) host this show which the Onion described as "drawing inspiration from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Pee-wee's Playhouse, and Wayne's World" Rock & Roller Remote Controller shows the day to day adventures of Tab Man and his, what else, Rock & Roller Remote Controller and the people he happens to meet. The most recent one (episode 2 posted above) finds him crossing paths with Truth Dealer, The Sugar Stems (a newish band featuring Betsy & Stephanie of the Flips, Drew of the Leg Hounds/Jetty Boys and Jon E who has been in such combos as the Catholic Boys, Teenage Rejects and the Tuff Bananas), the beer swilling duo the Hussy and for some Michigan content the Terrible Twos.
You can also check out the first episode with the likes of Goodnight Loving, Dinosaur Pills, the International Date Lines and non Wisconsinners the Thomas Function here. Rock & Roller Remote Controller has a Facebook and Myspace page as well.

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