Aug 11, 2009

CHROME SPIDERS "Black Butterfly" 7inch

Through his musical career Thomas Jackson Potter has been a punk rock guitar grinder in Just Say No, the crazy man on his back porch armed with a sawed off flamethrower in Bantam Rooster, Mick Collin's most perfect comedic foil in the Dirtbombs, grandmaster of ceremonies in the white boy sweat funk combo the Detroit City Council and now here, along with the help from some dudes from the Menthols and the Real Bitters , as the rock-n-roll ringleader of the Chrome Spiders. "Black Butterfly" moves like an old Cadillac driven by Thin Lizzy with the Damned on the 8 track tape deck barreling down a neglected state highway. The farther it goes the more speed it picks up with Potter providing some of the best yelps in the business to push it even harder. "The Whip Hand" starts out with a blues-punk smolder creeping up on to some combustible material. The spark ignites which not only the cornfield on fire but burns the barn down too.

Aug 8, 2009

FIRST BASE "I've Got A Girl" 7inch

One of the most heeded rules in pop music is to write songs about girls. With both of these songs, "I've Got A Girl" and "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me", having the word in the title-it's obvious that Toronto based First Base have learned that lesson well.
Neither of the tunes are adorned with ridiculous amounts of multitracking or trickery that come to mind when using the word "pop" in the contemporary sense of something that you hear on the radio or in a Applebee's though. It's the songs themselves. If it wasn't for the simple & clean bedroom-fi recording of "I've Got A Girl" it possibly could fit right in as a "pretty song" on a Pebbles comp. It jangles and harmonizes not stomps and wails. More Beatles than Stones though simpler than both. "Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me" shows the same kinda sideways love/tribute to the Beach Boys that folks like Nobunny and the Poppets slather over their sound so much.