Jul 12, 2009

DAVILLA 666 "Primero Muerta" 7inch

Making good time rock-n-roll with a stack of Velvet Underground and Crystals records under their arm Puerto Rico's Davila 666 throw a musical party where some are dancing like fools and the rest are bangin' on tambourines to set the beat for the dancing fools.
Side one's "Primero Muerta" idea might not having you thinking Uncle Reed & Cale or Phil Spector intimidating the shit out of girl group singer but maybe something like a tune lifted from the Kasenetz-Katz rulebook but the book got wet so some of the rules are smeared and can't be read properly. That's a good thing cuz it's reflected in the tune by blurred guitar lines and harmonies that float about & drift like an air mattress on a calm summer day out on the lake. The flipside's "Sabes que Querio" has the same kinda vibe but doubles the volume and the hip shakin' quotient.

Jul 8, 2009

Bancroft Records (that are still in print)

THE FLIPS "That Girl Stacy" 3song EP on pink vinyl

THE GOODNIGHT LOVING "Up North Girl" 3song 7inch EP on black vinyl

In the US & Canada paypal $6.25
The rest of the world paypal $8.00

The Flips and/or the Goodnight Loving (please note which in the special instructions section of your Paypal order)

Email smashintransistors (at) yahoo.com for the price on multiple copies and distro's get in touch too.

Jul 5, 2009

Short's Pandemonium Pale Ale and Huma Lupa Licious IPA and

Located in the far northern region of Michigan's lower peninsula Short's Brewing in Bellaire has become somewhat of a holy grail to Great Lake State beer lovers the last few years. People travel sometimes almost 400 miles (some folks even more) specifically just to taste the wares straight from the source because that was the only way a person could taste them unless someone brought a growler or such back home to them. Back in the spring or so it was announced that the brewery would start bottling and making their brews available to a wider audience. Beer geeks all across Michigan jumped for joy and for good reason too because they are one fine crafter of the hops & grains.

Pandemonium Pale Ale

Cloudy & rust orange in color with a 1" head that fades into bubbly cap and decent amount of thick lacing. The aroma is that of fresh baked bread upfront from the malts with the hop profile providing a crisp and lemony backbone. Nothing superstrong stands out in the scent but it is quite pleasant and crisp.
On first sip I'm convinced that I have found a new favorite pale ale. The malt complexities come out at first on the taste buds with roasted and caramel nuances. The grapefruit and grassy tasting hops follow up and a bring the exact kind of bitterness I look for in an American Pale Ale. The meshing of the malts & hops compliment each other perfectly balancing each other out and though the finish does hold on to a bitterness there is a crispness to this too that is all it's own. The only other pale ale that takes priority over it as my go to this summer has been the excellent Founders Pale Ale. We all now how great of a brew that is...and yes, Pandemonium is actually that good enough to keep such company. Anyone big fan of pale ale's out there looking to try one a bit different and great this is worth seeking out.

Huma Lupa Licious
Slight cloudy and rich gold in color. About a 3/4" head that melts away in due time leaving patchy lacing. A very clean and refreshing scent. Slightly sweet & lemony along with something rustic and relaxing on an up north summer day. Nothing jumps out too much on the nose but the aromas to blend nicely.
The hop profile comes out quite much more in the flavor with lemon peel, green apples but, like the scent, subtle courtesy of roasty, rich malts mellowing it out. The twist comes in the end where a hop bitterness comes out the most, sticking to the back of the mouth but not as oily as with some other IPA's. Very interesting and very good. Though the brew is pretty full bodied it's carbonated in a way to give it an pleasant sparkle.

Jul 1, 2009


With a previous album, 10 inch EP and a couple of singles under their beards now San Francisco based Wooden Shjips have made quite a name in the game that is drone zone rock.
4 note bass lines and snare snap heavy clipped beats create a hypnotic loop while organ blips, heavily reverbed ghostly vocals and roars & washes of distorted guitar toy around with neither regions of the mind.
Opener "Motorbike" is a few notes blurfest that takes biker rock and shoots it into space riding a tin can rocket. It's a rattly & bumpy ride but once ya land you'll want to go on the trip again. It's followed by "For So Long" a float through a gauzy nebula where all the soundwaves of film noir spy flicks and jams the Doors made up when Jim Morrison wasn't around end up. Side one end's with 10+ minute "Down By The Sea" which takes the above and submerses into the deep blue sea.
Side two is share by two tracks. "Aquarian Time" is full of fuzz guitar grind & organ blips for a good six minutes. The album ends with "Fallin'", a head on collision of UA era Hawkwind and the Modern Lovers. Put it on a loop and you have something fitting for daydreaming or a drive along the coast a 1am gazing out the sunroof and looking at the stars.