May 13, 2009


Meeting the twain's of knuckle dragging punk anger and bong packed Camaro Rock one starts to wonder if Toronto's Dirty Chinese Thieves want to look for fights & slash tires or burn rubber & get laid.
Raw throated yelling that's half hardcore rage & half garage punk howling over riff pummels that are equally the Cosmic Psychos and the Jesus Lizard as they are the Misfits and Turbonegro. BIG (and I mean BIG) rock guitar solo flashes in every song.
Fight or fuck? Maybe these guys do them both at the same time.

May 10, 2009

Mishawaka Hop Head Ale

The labels of some craft brewed bottles are not the most artistic. Why spend what cash you don't have hiring an artist when you can tinker around a little bit in photoshop or get a nephew to whip up a quick something. The label that Hop Head sports would almost make it into that category. The colors are sorta dark making the presentation look a little murky. Murk makes me think of the river that runs right through the downtown where I live. I don't want to think of that water when drinking a beer. What saves it is the little hop guy on the label. He looks blazed. He's ready to party whether you're gonna hang or not.
Sunshine orange in color that is made almost opaque from the non-filtered processes floating all through the glass. Quarter inch cream colored head that faded fairly quick with Honeycomb looking lace. The scent has a pilsner like base. Sweet corn syrup and lighter malts. A large waft of lemon and pine oil circle around it. Balanced but a little understated.
A medium and slightly creamy body with buttery malt notes at first sip but watch out! A big bitter hop bite snaps hard on the inside of the mouth a couple seconds later. Something odd about them. They seem well....almost swampy or well, murky. Overgrown grass clippings is what's coming to mind if ya really want to know. The finish is large with hop resins sticking all over the roof of the mouth and lemony coating in the throat.
Though usually all RAH! RAH! RAH! about hopped out rustbelt made IPA's I don't see myself coming back to this one again. Sorry totally righteous bro hacky sack playing looking hop dude. This party just ain't my bag.

May 8, 2009


Hayseeds. It's not just an American phenomenon. Anyone who lives in areas away from the bigger cities have them. Ain't nothing wrong with being a hayseed. They wanna hoot & holler on a Saturday night just like anyone else. In the coastal towns of Norwich, England the hayseeds gotta lose their minds to Beast With A Gun. Dust gets kicked up, rotgut gets slammed back, bottles thrown, ladies get kissed and punches fly. Two songs of bendy twang and punk rock bang.
The Slim Limbs are perfect partners in crime when it comes to the type of mischief Beast With A Gun are looking for. Where Beast With A Gun are somewhat hyper and happy go lucky-Slim Limbs are broody and blunt. Their song "Queen Of The Mist is something like the Necessary Evils slowed down by a mudslide and accented with mariachi horns. They don't sound like the types you would want to put behind a late night drive through the woods though because they probably know some places where some very, very unfriendly farmers who use chainsaws for most of their work live.

May 5, 2009

TIMMY'S ORGANISM "Squeeze The Giant" 7inch EP

There's been talk of a remake of the 1966 film "Fantastic Voyage" for years. I've lost count how many times I've seen the original so I'm on the fence about it being redone. One thing that would get me behind the idea though is if they hired Tim Lampinen produce, direct and star in the film. His musical history, from the Epileptix to the Clone Defects to Human Eye to this project, has always had some type of preoccupation with biology in name if nothing else. His attention to details such as pulsing blood veins and festering microcosms would be enough to make it interesting to look at but he wouldn't be satisfied with just that. It would have to be more bizarre & dingy as well as clever, oddly hilarious and completely over the top.
Leading off the 5 songs that span over the 4 sides of this collection is "Squeeze The Giant". You see, Tim (along with some assistance from two of the Terrible Twos) wouldn't just want to explore the inside of just a regular human body in a shrunk down spaceship. That's been done. He'd know that going through a giant's innards would make things much more interesting. The rhythm lumbers like a giant kicking over the world's tallest buildings (ya gotta remember that with this giant the deepest sea only come up to his knees) & wah-wah guitar oozes like metallic lava under a tale that's part scary fairy tale & part Mad Magazine sci-fi. "Tree Thirsty Earthquake" finds Tim in a crooning mood. Jobriath wearing Leonard Cohen's overcoat with production courtesy of Helios Creed.
Record two starts with "Body Of Love", a garage stomp with dance club dreams on it's mind but that dance club is either 200 feet underground or 20,000 leagues under the sea. It's fits perfect with such locations reverberations. It's followed by the echo'd out organ subterreanean bachelor pad music "Toes In The Grass". Curl up in front of the glow of TV screen static.
"No Hassles" finishes the record by busting out the wah-wah even bigger than on aformentioned "Squeeze The Giant" with squishy solos and High Rise like sonic squalls.
Tim's work keeps getting stranger but in doing so matches (if not tops) previous brilliant moments of his decade plus career.

May 1, 2009


If band's like Tyvek are the bright & clever head of the class students in the modern of school of Wire Pink Flag teachings Milwaukee Wisconsin's Crappy Dracula are the freshmen who are always getting swirlies and being thrown head first into lockers. A barrage of bright & brittle Telecaster bursts, burping bass lines and marching band drums going way off the route of the parade snaps & bangs crash together in overmodulated 4 track glory. Many moments of angular goofing that culminates in what has to be accidental brilliance on their side's 2nd song "Application" (sandwiched between the nerd punk conniption fit of "Hospital Waste Management Facility Party Tonight" and a faithfully battered take on Guided By Voices "A Good Flying Bird") where it's a Pabst drunk Red Crayola before they changed the spelling of their name. Interestingly the band spells their name The Krappy Drakula on this record. I've been assured that it's just in coincidental and I shouldn't put so much thinking into trying to figure out if their are any cryptic messages/secret motives that the band may have because it's giving them too much credit.
Even if their sound is a tad more orchestrated and "together" than that of Crappy Dracula-Farms In Trouble share similar aesthetics and possibly the same tape machine too. "Employment History" starts off their side in a carnivalesque manner. Something like the Hollies or the Zombies-if those bands were the children of traveling carnival workers that is. It's then followed by some proto-robot-funk and finishes with a bit of Skip Spence/Syd Barrett whimsy/psychosis.