Dec 23, 2009

Short's Uncle Steve's Irish Stout

Since they started bottling their beer earlier this year Bellaire, Michigan brewery Shorts has jumped into the ring and really started swinging. Earlier this month they introduced eight new bottle beers to a statewide market and POOF most of them were gone for shelves in days. Though us here at Smashin' Transistors thought we were being diligent with our beer hunting we missed out on a couple of them (if anyone has a line on the wet hopped Kind ale drop me a note please) but we're able to snag a few-Uncle Steve's Irish Stout being one of them.
Deep, rich mahogany in color. Holding it up to the light though dark ruby highlights shine though. A very healthy, rocky and reddish head hangs on for a quite a bit and leaves lots of thick lacing behind. The scent is roasted & biscuity but on the sweeter ends of things. Reminds me of brownies to some extent.
Dark rich malts and bakers chocolate flavors are the first to introduce themselves in the flavors. In the middle it takes on something akin to dark fruits and green apple. The finish is quite interesting with a cool balance between the malt and hops but still finishes with a dryness that is expected from any proper Irish stout. Short's nails it again with taking an age old recipe, putting their own twist on it but not tweaking or overdoing it too much.


Anonymous said...

We should make it up there this winter!

Dale said...

Who's we?