Dec 12, 2009

SHARP ENDS "Crack Trap" 7inch

With a rumbling bassline and a choppy guitar side one from this Alberta band, "Crack Trap", resembles Joy Division who if they looked out their window didn't see the gray industrial decay that was their city but prairies, mountain and trees. Musical vistas that are more wide and rambling than fogged claustrophobia. It give the song a bit more of scruffy and well worn jean jacket comfortableness than a cumbersome stiff and bulky trench coat. Glacial but not foreboding.
"Loaded Hearts" is the flipside meaning more than just the song on the other side of the record. If the other side could be described as icy-here a blast of heat melts that away. It leaps out through the speakers with slashy guitar ala the first Generation X album while general feeling of the song is a lost teen angst 60's nugget blaster sharing it's bed with some late 70's DIY post-punker. The sound of the two tug & push for dominance making the scuffle an exercise in poisoned soul piss & vinegar and introspective recollections of spite & revenge.

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