Dec 10, 2009

New Holland Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever. After the the last day or two of actual Michigan winter weather rolling in the feeling that such an epidemic coming forth is expected so might as well treat it with some beer, huh?
Though this is a brown ale color wise it could be described as dark ruby in color. Very minimal head but a white rim that leaves a running lacing that slides right back down into the brew. A very sweet and warm aroma. Malts obviously along with roasted almonds, black cherry and butter cream come to mind when giving it a sniff.
The top of the flavor as well as the feeling in the mouth has an almost milk stout characteristic to it. Sorta thick and sweet is the first impression then it is followed up with something akin to raisin toast without all the cinnamon. It finishes with a slight hop tinge and even it being only 6% abv has a bit of alcohol warmness that fills the body. Such things are welcomed on cold, cold nights like the one I can see out my window as I sit and type this.
To these tastebuds a lot of brown ales have a gritty and well, browness, to them that I can only hang with for one of two glasses. With Cabin Fever I'm in the middle of my second bottle and considering having a third before I hit the hay.

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Tsotchke Erickson said...

I love Cabin Fever. It's one of the few beers that tastes the same in a bottle as it does draft. One of the things I miss most about living in Michigan.