Dec 17, 2009

Dale's Pale Ale

First off, let me get this out of the way because I see it in every blurb, article and piece on Oskar Blues beer brands I look it. A good beer in a can? We all know there is those certain connotations and stigmas that canned beer carry but when your going to the beach, fishing, going out in a canoe, sticking a sled in the back of the car to go bombs some newly snowed on hills, wanna throw a couple in your back pack before you hop on the back of your bike and ride somewhere and so on-cans work those situations much easier. Oskar Blues is fulfilling a need and service with their transport vessel of choice.
Out of the can it pours a fairly see through rich copper color and a study one inch head. As the foam fades a healthy amount of lacing is left along the glass. The color and consistency of it make it look a bit more full flavored and robust than some other brews that fall under the APA umbrella. Looking at it and thinking maybe it's an IPA just acting modest. It's a great looking beer. Earthy and citrus hops aromas are the first thing to the scent. It's followed by the scents of honey, biscuits & honey and caramel. Scent also gives off an IPA impression too. If it tastes half as good as it looks & smells it should be a real treat can or not.
First impression from tasting is how full and fluffy it feels. Not much in carbonation but still very lively. Nice sweet mix of a peppery hop bite and honey in the flavor upfront. The malt backbone takes the bite off with a sweet caramel flavor pulling the brew together for a warming feeling and a mellow somewhat wood aged spice.
You can't get these in my parts and my little sis sent some of these my way along with some of the Imperial stout, Ten Fiddy, that Oskar Blues makes and some other brews (Racer 5, Saint Arnolds, some winter warmers). I'll be keeping busy sampling some things I don't usually get to sip. My little sis RULES! A good beer in a can? Nope! A really, really good beer whether it came out of a can, a bottle or even at the end of a water spigot is what I'm thinking.


Drunk-Monkey said...

Ted Fidy is freaking awesome, it pours like motor oil. Old Chub, the Scottish ale is also excellent

Dale said...

Had one of the Ten Fiddy's over the weekend and was quite impressed. Have a couple saved so notes on it coming eventually.
When it comes to scotch ales I am really touchy about them. I've been told part of my problem is that I compare every one I try to Founders Dirty Bastard. I've been told it's unfair to do that because as far as American versions of scotch ales they're in the upper echelons. So far impressed with the two Oskar Blues I have tried so would def give the Old Chub a shot.