Dec 15, 2009

BARE WIRES "Let Down" 7inch

Sounding something like an Americanized Swell Maps or a less incorrigible version of the Fall (even in the Brix period) the Bare Wires take fuzzy/popish lo-fi bedroom punk and give a good "my parent won't be home til later" romp that a slew of the such ilk seem to be to shy to do.
"Let Down" is straight ahead with it's rolling riff of jangle, "tick, tick, boom" drum sound and the kinda reedy but honest and assertive voice that many of these kinda of records have had and have made them good for so many years. Throw in a tone overdriven needles pinned in the red nod to James Williamson guitar solo and you've got a song that you could possibly find yourself humming days later and thinking "What the hell song is that?"
Best described as a wolf in sheep's clothing side two's "Looking For Action" starts out sounding like some pretty psych-folk weeper. It lures you into a world of of pretty sound float away sound then it bares it's fangs and throws hot bacon grease at your ears with a RRRWWWRR of more of that hot mess guitar noise that leaves a welt.

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