Nov 6, 2009

SHANNON & the CLAMS "Hunk Hunt" 7inch EP

One thing that always holds strong in, the lack of a better pigeonhole at the moment, garage-punk scene is the sound of the classic girl groups. I think it a lot of it stems from hearing oldies radio in the parents/grandparents cars while growing up. Phil Spector, Shadow Morton and the sorts made songs to jump out of the speakers and get stuck in your head to never leave. Whatever else that was going on inside some of those heads and how it's been processed is a whole 'nother can of worms though.
Take the Ramones & the New York Dolls for example. They took and mutated it to a point where you could obviously cite it (and not just because they covered songs from the era) but it didn't really sound like that. Shannon & the Clams have the same kinda thing going on....sorta. Like the Ramones they also pay nods to sun & surf influences as well as the Ronettes et. al. After that though-the comparisons end.
The want for a "Wall Of Sound" here is sound bouncing all over the walls. Sometimes sounding like Supercharger running through the Beach Boys or the Shaggs if produced by the Ventures but mostly all of them mentioned playing at the same time making an overdriven and echoed out racket in a tin can they bring some kinda really fun party with pizza, hot dogs, lots of candy and 3 different people spiking the punch.

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