Nov 21, 2009

R. Stevie Moore "U.R. True" 7inch EP

Most people who have heard of R. Stevie Moore probably first heard of him in the late 70's and on through the 80's in magazines like Trouser Press and Op. It was through those years that he became a major figure in DIY cassette culture world but his musical career started decades earlier when his voice was heard on a Jim Reeves song in 1959. Most folks of his vintage, if they're even still playing music these days, have relaxed into an box of oldies but goodies or go out there and fancy themselves as preaching the blues (as long as that blues is Clapton or SRV. Mention, say, Son House, Ma Rainey or even Leadbelly to a lot of those type of dudes and blank stares are usually expected rather than any lesson in American roots music). On the other hand Moore is still at making the type of sounds that have gotten him dubbed a "lo-fi legend" in places more hoity toity than the page you are reading right now.
It doesn't say on the record what year these songs were recorded but it doesn't really matter cuz Mr. Moore has always been a man out of his time. The ramshakle tape deck still rolls and out comes a conglomeration of things that he was doing over 25 years ago that today are pegged as Bedroom Pop & Weird Punk. Nervous new wave collides with Hawkwind on "U. R. True". It's followed by "How Many Moore" which is anchored by a lunkhead hard rock riff and the mental image of Lemmy Kilmister inviting you to join him in one of those inflatable bouncy castles.
"Advertising Agency Of Fucking" brings 60's melody wrapped in a blanket of peak limited tape hiss and "Oh Pat" finishing off the record resembling Syd Barrett if his sense of humor leaned more to slapstick than whimsy.

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