Nov 2, 2009

Pop. 1280 "Times Square" 7inch

Math and me don't see eye to eye. Sure, I can do roundabout multiplication and subtraction in my head but set some calculus in front of me and I'll most likely make a paper airplane out of the sheet of paper it was written on before I'd even comprehend any explanation on how to solve the written problem.
The first time Big Black entered my orbit was in high school. The same time calculus did. I threw away any notes I had concerning the math theory, which weren't that much cuz I DID never learn it no matter how hard I tried, and listened to Big Black all through the class. I tried to turn on a couple of the "cool nerds" on to the band but they'd always pull the headphones off quickly and say something like "Ewww" and mention the new Adrian Belew album or how the next RUSH album is suppose to display even more new wave influences. An average stint through college later I started running into the same people at shows with headliners like the Jesus Lizard. At first I thought it was kinda weird but as times went on and me thinking "The Jesus Lizard are cool and whatever" but what caught me about them in the first place was that it was they guy from Scratch Acid and they reminded me of the Birthday Party. I loved (and still do) the Birthday Party and went back to their well. I lost any interest in the Jesus Lizard after that. The math geeks love it cuz it reminded them of a more aggressive YES or Zappa "getting really mad."
About a year ago I started sifting through old CD's thinking about what I can dump off at a used store or might want to think about keeping as some kinda musical archive for my kids to have available. I kept to two vinyl pieces of Jesus Lizard I own. Everything else by them is waiting a credit slip once I make the trip (there isn't ONE place that buys/sells/trades within a 30 mile radius of where I live anymore). "Original pressing" CD's have some kinda weird cult all to themselves (irony never stops I guess) and with the band back out on their reunion tour maybe the buyer will see the quick $3 overturn flash before his eyes. Maybe then I can pull this Pop. 1280 record out and convince him that it's a ultra rare collaboration of the Jesus Lizard and Big Black on vinyl only. If he hem and haws and say he's never heard of it and the internet shows nothing about it I can say "Dude! It's that rare!!!!" and then throw in some other bullshit trivia that they use Chris Spencer's (ya know to throw more of that "aggressive rock" hubris at them) favorite floor tom on the record or some shit.
None of the math dorks I saw at "grunge shows" back then probably will be at the Jesus Lizard reunion shows. Nor are the most likely to be found sifting through vinyl bins at their local record store (if there were any). If they did though music to do calculus to would be playing loud out of their basement laboratories or safety orange painted Volvo's. If anyone asked "what is this" they could drop some trivia that the band took their name from a Jim Thompson story. Wait a minute though...Math geeks wouldn't do that though. They'd just jerk their heads around a lot to the martial beats and creep everyone out in the room instead.


Anonymous said...

Your a dick who only likes bands that sound like there from the sixties.

Anonymous said...

The first 3 proper Jesus Lizard records are not to be fucked with.

Dale said...

I agree there. Maybe it's just the things that they influenced is what gets my ire up.

Nemo said...

They sound nothing like the Jesus Lizard. You need your ears checked.