Nov 14, 2009

MOON DUO "Killing Time" 12inch

If the Wooden Shjips are an earthy and organic pillar when it comes to drone out head music that you could groove to then the Moon Duo, a side project featuring the Shjips main man Ripley Johnson, are a clandestine rocketship sauntering towards the stars. Soundwise there are parallels between the two such as disjointed and reverbed almost to the point of incomprehensible infinity vocals and peas soup thick guitar fuzz but where the Wooden Shjips set adrift their sound washing over the ears and sparkling the Moon Duo are straight jettison full of glare.
A backbeat sounding like beach blanket Motorik sets the tone for this record on the opening title track. It's followed by "Speed" where a spiky organ sound possibly lifted from Deep Purple blares and guitar noise ungulates then is joined in towards the end by milky way bound blues harmonica.
Both songs on side two are all about a floating in space with feeling with "Dead West" sci-fi keyboard line and "Ripples" doing just that with a Spacemen 3 having a nice lazy day in the sun sound instrumental.
It's hard to find good modern head trip music. All the modern hippies try to prescribe something that ends all noodly so you can't really veg out too because it's too damn busy and the intellectual stoners want to play you something that sounds like the aural equivalent of watching paint dry. "Killing Time" is an antidote for both of them.

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