Nov 17, 2009

DONALD THOMPSON "Bite My Ass" 7inch EP

A few years ago I put a whole slew of late 90's/early 00's records up on eBay. Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Glucifer and so on. A friend of mine joked telling me that I was to ahead of the "Rawk" revival curve and that I should've hung on to those records a few more years to make a real killing off them. Listening to this record by Donald Thompson I'm wondering if they're way ahead or way behind the RAWK revival curve.
The name drop touchstones with these type of bands always end's up being Iggy and the Stooges "Raw Power" and Bon Scott era AC/DC. Both incredible rock-n-roll bands. The former rips your head off, sounds like it was recorded under the most messed up of situations and is about to blow up in a million pieces at any second. It either lures you into wanting try the most dangerous of illicit substances or scare you away from them forever. The latter took the templates of blues and the originators of rock-n-roll boiled it down to it's basics then souped it up with a Marshall stack swagger that the generations beforehand could only dream of. The rub is though is that a lot of the RAWK bands that have followed and used such things as their base pallet since seem to want to refine it taking out the impurities and grubbiness and replacing it with just flash (but not stoned out of their gourd make up applications) and baseball hats. Recklessness gets substituted with studying. Big dick swinging attitude bad assery finds itself switched out for cucumber stuff down the pants contrived arrogance. It fills a void the way a McDonalds hamburger fills hunger pangs. It's not exactly what you were craving but it'll have to fill the spot until something better is put in the gut. Donald Thompson do RAWK and maybe their hearts are in the right place and they have the best intentions but if they actually ROCK is a whole 'nother discussion.


Bianchi said...

fuck you. you suck. donald thompson rock

Anonymous said...

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