Oct 13, 2009

the CHEATER SLICKS "Erotic Woman" 7inch

They're brash. They're surly. They may not be in tune sometimes. They're at an age where others younger than 'em have thrown in towel of the rock-n-roll dream. More than a handful of the garage punk youngsters owe them a big debt but sometimes room's clear when they hit the stage.
Do the Cheater Slicks care about all that though? Probably not-They just lumber ahead and knock down whoever sticks around and braves their sound. When they start firing on all 8-it's an unstoppable machine. A big, loud, oil leaking and fume making machine but a machine none the less.
"Erotic Woman" is primal screamer courtesy of Dana's blueball's howls and going totally of the rails punk rock.
One of the many things the band has always been good at is finding a song to cover that's so unknown only maybe ten other collectors of lost 60s 45's in the world could name off the the top of their head. Then they take it run it through the wringer and make it their own. "Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)" is exactly one of those kinds of songs. Originally done by a band called Outcry (which I actually have heard before. It's on the "Scum Of the Earth" comp.) Tom wails over a jangler turned on it's a head as mangled feedback blues pushes it over the edge.

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