Oct 10, 2009

BR'ER "I'm A Kid Again" 7inch

The packaging of this record has got to be the most ambitious to come into the Smashin' Transistors mailbox in a long while. The outer sleeves are hand cut resembling a window pane on the front and a heart on the back. Inside it's line with vellum paper with the song titles hand inked on them. It also comes with inserts that appear to be cut put hand too. The colors used are hand painted watercolors and acrylics. Arty! Arty! Arty!
Both songs inside start out sparse and quiet with a wispy singer. As other instruments (including the use of harmoniums, toy pianos and organs just to name a few) come into the music starts to clatter and swell building up to something that can best be described as post lo-fi orchestral pop or the entire Elephant 6 collective getting one hand stuck in a garbage disposal while the other continues to make sound.

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