Oct 1, 2009

Bell's The Oracle Ale

Being that this is a Bell's some beer dorks were already claiming they knew everything about it's taste, scent and feel before even popping a cap off one. It's expected-Bell's knows it's fanatical following so it's rare they miss any chance of pre-hype these days. With only 50 barrels made and sold in as single bottles just made it more rare and desired.
Early autumn cooper in with a substantial head that melts away to a heavy lace and a cap that sticks through to the end of the glass.
The aroma is quite fruity. Strawberries and peaches come to mind. Much different than the earthy pines and citrus scents that usually come from a DIPA.
The scents show up big time in the flavors in this full bodied ale. The strawberry nuances are in the introduction. Woodsy and sweet tart. The snap of peaches take over in the middle til towards the end when a black peppery bite from the hops take it to the finish. Quite complex and though an alcohol hotness does kick up in the end the 10.4% abv is masked pretty well.
The aftertaste is a bit sticky but doesn't hang around to the point where you're searching for a couple huge swallows of water to clean the palate and wash out the back of the throat after a glass full of it. Hearty and bold yet refreshing and crisp. Though I didn't flip out for it as much as I did the not only the best DIPA a Michigan brewer has to offer but one of the best on the planet-the much less hyped and very incredible Founders Double Trouble (which I am thinking Oracle is suppose to be Bells answer to)-it is quite an interesting and flavorful take on the DIPA. Was it worth the hype? Hmmm. Let's just say I was happy to get my hands on a couple of bottles before they were gone from the shelves.


sanilac brew head said...

It's really good but you're right in saying that Founders Double Trouble is better for the style, Speaking of Founders do you know why there hasn't been any of their Harvest ale available around here this year?

Dale said...

The way it was explained to me is that there's basically two distributors for this area (St. Clair & Sanilac County). They get the exclusive distro right for the area. Once they secure that-it's up to them if they want to bother to stock the products after that. Apparently the local co. that handles Founders didn't bother on ordering any Harvest Ale so we missed out (or we can travel to Maccomb county to a place like Champane's on 13 and Mound).

Backwoods Bastard came out this month. No sign of it anywhere around here. Founders has Nemesis coming out next month. I don't want to curse it by saying so but I wouldn't be surprised if those don't make it this way either. The local distros are too busy pushing macro (and the fake micro's owned by macro's) to bother on getting things that REAL beer fans like.

sanilac brew head said...

Saw some Backwoods as well as some other new things at Ryan's yesterday. You tried the Keenenaw or any of the North Peak yet?

Dale said...

Yeah, I saw the Backwood Bastard came in too. Picked up 6 of the North Peak IPA. It's pretty good. Got to sample the Keewenaw Blonde and Brown too. Thought the Blonde was decent but didn't care much for the Brown.

sandline said...

Are there any more of these you have laying around? I'll buy them.