Oct 17, 2009

Bell's Octoberfest

Märzen's can sure be tasty but it's probably also a good thing that they are traditionally seasonal because after a month or so of them, for me at least, they lose their charm. It would be like only having pumpkin pie available for dessert for months and months straight. It's belongs in it's own season specific time...any other time ya just gotta ask "Why?"
As I look at the glass before and then look out the window thinking of a clever way to describe the color of this autumn beer I think "That's it!" while looking at the maple tree in the backyard's leaves turn to a light rust color. A one & a half inch had tops off the glass and does it's best to hold on leaving a blotches of lace on the glass as it tones down.
It smells of maple, caramel and nutmeg mostly with a dint of yeast and alcohol. Yep, pretty much like the kitchen when it gets around baking sweets for autumn. The brew itself is of medium body. Not too heavy, not too light. There's a slight bit of pepper on the front end of this from the hops but it's quicky muted by flavors of caramel and something you can only find on vacation like maple nut honey butter on toasted bread. The finish keeps that sweetness but it's not sticky so any aftertaste doesn't hang around longer than wanted. It's very easy drinking and I'll enjoy a few of these while they're still available for the rest of this season. It's a good one to stick with instead of trying to be all on top of it and try all those (mostly disappointing) pumpkins beers that can be found in this neck of the woods.

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