Sep 28, 2009

MIKE REP "Donovan's Brain" 7inch EP

For some years now I have heard a legend that when Rick Rubin set out to resurrect legendary flower hippie singer Donovan's career he called on the somewhat legendary not quite so hippie Columbus weirdo Mike Rep to do the production work. The story goes that the results were so messed up Rubin locked them away and then proceeded to do a boring flower hippie record. Split into two parts on this 45 (just like Don McLean's "American Pie" back when Donovan's career was taking a slide down) and ecorded through what sounds like a condenser mic Mile, along with some help from Tommy Jay, spins a freakish campfire yarn of brain transplants gone awry and neurosurgeons that think they know it all but just end up making matters worse. The record ends with a quick acoustic bit on everyone's parents favorite dead 70's pop folkster Jim Croce (which in it's own way could be further interpreted as commentary of what Rubin's results were on the job he did on Donovan's "Sutra" album.

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