Jun 27, 2009


About a year ago this time (give or take a month or so) both these band's sounds started making the rounds outside of the select few in their town's and who decided to put their first singles out. The underground was all hot-headed about the Black Lips overexposure which actually accounted to little in the straight world. Both these bands hit that crest and they held the hipsters on the fence if such a thing could be liked anymore. Suspicions understandable by maybe just a bit too much cynical. Shit, I don't think even a couple of the Smith Westerns kids weren't even born until after Nirvana's Nevermind came out so it's hard to believe it was the new bandwagon sound for them to jump on.
Both bands have a certain BFTG slightly outta tune/off tempo jangle/slur. Not too sure when exactly the songs were recorded but on the Smith Westerns side it's a safe bet a little bit (but just a little bit) before they hit the Ice Cream Sundae Punk stride that they're showing off their recently released debut album (Which rules by the way. Review coming soon....but with the massive behind Smashin Transistors is that could be months. Instead of waiting go out and buy it now!!!). The song, "Tonight" is a glob of 60's jangle psych drowning in a pool of reverb that would make the Jesus & Mary Chain jealous and singing that would make even the most glam of 70's rock singers blush.
Dead Ghosts side is cut from the same cloth as far as the jangle & reverb is concerned but overall leaning more towards to the kinda thing the Oh Sees have hit paydirt with. Both tunes are quite solid and stretching their wings a bit and starting to get away from the Black Lips Jr. thing that has been pinned on them in the past.

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