Jul 12, 2009

DAVILLA 666 "Primero Muerta" 7inch

Making good time rock-n-roll with a stack of Velvet Underground and Crystals records under their arm Puerto Rico's Davila 666 throw a musical party where some are dancing like fools and the rest are bangin' on tambourines to set the beat for the dancing fools.
Side one's "Primero Muerta" idea might not having you thinking Uncle Reed & Cale or Phil Spector intimidating the shit out of girl group singer but maybe something like a tune lifted from the Kasenetz-Katz rulebook but the book got wet so some of the rules are smeared and can't be read properly. That's a good thing cuz it's reflected in the tune by blurred guitar lines and harmonies that float about & drift like an air mattress on a calm summer day out on the lake. The flipside's "Sabes que Querio" has the same kinda vibe but doubles the volume and the hip shakin' quotient.

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