Jun 15, 2009

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY "Universal Malcontents" LP

Yeah, yeah. We all know Brian Wilson didn't have it all that easy. We're not talking the aspects of his over the top father, his decay of hearing and Dr. Landry prescribing his descent into metal illness either. There's 1000's of printed pages and gigabytes of webspace dedicated to people talking about how Pet Sounds touched their lives and how they hope to attain such plateaus. Then they go a pro-tool the fuck out of it on their computer generated recording program to achieve it.
"Hey dude. Check it out! Doesn't it feel just like 'God Only Knows'?"
"Umm, No, not really?"
"What? Do you know how many hours it took for me to find the right digital effects to make my voice and that string section setting on my Casio to make it sound that orchestrated?"
Whatever man. You sat in your room on a Saturday afternoon and moved a mouse around. You didn't deal with tape, a hired string section wondering where the hell you were coming from or Van Dyke Parks sporting a some goofy mustache and fedora nodding at you like he knows what you're getting at but secretly thinking "What the hell did I get myself into and how can I explain it to my bosses at the record label". Then not to mention dealing with a couple of moody brothers (thanks to a complete nutjob dad) and whatever clown antics Mike Love had up his sleeve (Yes, I read the damage control Mike Love has been doing in the press the last year or so. I have a hard time buying it too but will cut him so slack because ya kinda have to. After all he co-wrote songs like "Do It Again"). Those guys baked really great cakes. A lot of these "tributes" to 'em today or more like microwaved brownies when they think adding some sparkles & sprinkles on top makes it the same kinda thing.
Outrageous Cherry understand what went through to make records like Pet Sounds. They also understand where Marc Bolan, the Velvet Underground, the Bay City Rollers and Cheap Trick were coming from too.
With songs such as rubbery new wave surrounded by T. Rex built walls of sound "Recognize Her", "It's Not Rock & Roll (But I like It)" & "This Song's For Everyone" Velvet Underground churn with a hard candy coating sing-a-longs, The Banana Splits getting dropped off in a burnt & decaying Detroit neighborhood blaster "Get Out While You Can" and the Eric Carmen discovers buzz & drone "Outsider" Outrageous Cherry, unlike some other bands that are trying to trick people in thinking they're the as closest a person will ever get to the epic & sometimes strange pop music of yore, pay homage but manage to not suffer from a identity crisis. They've been around long enough (15 years or so now) not to worry about such things and this is one the best records they've made.

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