Jun 20, 2009

King's Cherry Ale

Wasn't too sure if I was really in the mood for a fruit beer at the moment but the Great Lake State is considered the cherry growing capital of the world so a Michigan made beer (by a brewery I'm not familiar with) using cherries is worth giving a shot.
Cloudy copper color & a inch or so fluffy head that dissipated in a patchy manner. The aroma reminded me of something between a pale wheat, Laffy Taffy and a Labatt's Blue. The cherry scent is not very strong at first whiff but seems to appear more as it sits though it never comes to the forefront
The initial sip gave off grainy and malty flavor with the cherry taste hanging around the edges. Like the scent the fruit flavor is noticed more as it is sipped but never overstated. Hell, compared to a lot of fruit beers I've tried it's actually almost understated. "Almost" meaning they could perhaps amp it up a little bit more you can taste it none the less. There's a good amount of carbonation to this brew giving it a sparkling and somewhat clean finish with a mix of malt and (slight) cherry in the aftertaste. Nothing too complex but not bad at all.

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Pat said...

Their beer is decent on tap but seems to be missing something when out of the bottle.