Jun 17, 2009


If you lived in a place the is the butt of cultural wasteland you might be a little irritated by what people expect from first impressions. Ya don't want to come off like some strip mall raised and McDonald Happy Meal toy entertained mook. Ya wanna show you have, y'know, actual taste or something.
Tampa, Fla based Ghost Hospital probably wrestle this dilemma every day. While some bands today are happy with using, say, the same template the Black Lips based their sound off of (and nothing else) this band sound like they can't resist crossing wire of something like that hoping they'll either start a fire or blow a fuse.
The standard Nu-Garage thing gets spliced together with somewhat out whack folk rock and cracks a couple of really clever one liners over a din of squelch and feedback. "D+" plays into all three quite a bit with a little bit reverb which then leads into something that fans the hippie music Stephen Malkmus has been making for quite a bit might bop their head to. Y'know, it's happy trip. It then gives way to a torrential downpour of feedback throwing the mellow buzz into burning pit of static before sauntering back to bip-de-bop where the journey started. The flip's "Religious Bias In Nursery Rhymes" gives off a sound such as a crackly distant college radio of the 80's where the dj are stoned and like to experiment with playing Replacements and Jesus & Mary Chain demos loud and at the same time .

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