May 10, 2009

Mishawaka Hop Head Ale

The labels of some craft brewed bottles are not the most artistic. Why spend what cash you don't have hiring an artist when you can tinker around a little bit in photoshop or get a nephew to whip up a quick something. The label that Hop Head sports would almost make it into that category. The colors are sorta dark making the presentation look a little murky. Murk makes me think of the river that runs right through the downtown where I live. I don't want to think of that water when drinking a beer. What saves it is the little hop guy on the label. He looks blazed. He's ready to party whether you're gonna hang or not.
Sunshine orange in color that is made almost opaque from the non-filtered processes floating all through the glass. Quarter inch cream colored head that faded fairly quick with Honeycomb looking lace. The scent has a pilsner like base. Sweet corn syrup and lighter malts. A large waft of lemon and pine oil circle around it. Balanced but a little understated.
A medium and slightly creamy body with buttery malt notes at first sip but watch out! A big bitter hop bite snaps hard on the inside of the mouth a couple seconds later. Something odd about them. They seem well....almost swampy or well, murky. Overgrown grass clippings is what's coming to mind if ya really want to know. The finish is large with hop resins sticking all over the roof of the mouth and lemony coating in the throat.
Though usually all RAH! RAH! RAH! about hopped out rustbelt made IPA's I don't see myself coming back to this one again. Sorry totally righteous bro hacky sack playing looking hop dude. This party just ain't my bag.

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