Oct 7, 2009

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Any brewer that names a beer "Hop (fill in the blank)" is going to get some of my money. You know, Hop Slam, Hop Wallop and so on (sorry, I don't have my check list handy to rattle off a litany of all the ones I've tried). Lagunitas makes some really good beers so of course there was no hesitation picking this up. Actually, I picked a bomber of this a week or so earlier but a friend stopped by we cracked it open and it disappeared pretty quick. I didn't take any notes that night so off to the store again to pick up another for this review.
Light amber rust in color. Thick head that melts in average time leaving a spotty & sticky lacing. Huge lemon and pine oil scents up front that jump right out of the glass with some honey & grassy notes.
A nice and lush juicy flavor here. Pineapple first comes to mind. A malt backbone is noticeable too but given this brews name it's not a really big part of the show. The 8% alcohol is hidden well in the flavor but does creep up on you as sips continue. Expected a bit stickier of a finish (we all know how the big hop brews can coat the throat) but this finishes fairly fresh and clean. Very drinkable and if it wasn't for the higher end of ABV I call it downright sessionable.

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